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April 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome to all of you, whether you are joining us for the first time, re-joining with younger siblings or simply returning for a second or third term.  This is our Summer 2017 edition of the Potten End Pre-School Newsletter from the Management Committee with lots of useful information and an update on what’s going on behind the scenes.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is a group of parents, past and present, which runs the Pre-School in partnership with Lisa and the staff. The Management Committee meets twice a term and is responsible for reviewing both policy and practice, for the employment and appraisal of members of staff and for the finances.

Several members of the management team will be standing down at the end of July so we desperately need more volunteers. The Pre-SchoolCANNOTrun without a full committee and if we cannot fill the roles we may be in a position that we have to close. If you are interested in joining the Committee, or have any questions, please feel free to contact Julia Paton (Chair – Management Committee), or speak to Lisa or another member of the Pre-School team.  Alternatively, come and join us at the next Committee Meeting scheduled at 8pm on 2nd May 2017.  All are welcome

Friends of the Pre-School

The Friends of Potten End Pre-School is a rolling group of parents who are responsible for our fundraising.

This year's Summer Fair is Saturday 20th May, 11.30 am - 2.00 pm.  There will be plenty of activities for the children including visits from a fire engine and police car so be sure not to miss out!  There will also be a BBQ and many stalls along with a treasure hunt and dance display. 

Pledges & Promises is our biggest money earner at the fair.  This is a silent paper auction where visitors have the chance to bid on prize(s) they would like to win. We rely on donations to make this work, so please have a think if there is anything you can offer. This could include anything from offering a holiday home for a weekend or a personal service (e.g. babysitting, ironing, handywork, beauty treatments, tutoring, cooking etc. - all very popular and always receive high bids!) to prizes such as gift vouchers, handmade items, etc. If your talent knows no bounds or you have friends in high places who could donate something of value, please let us know!


The Friends are dedicated to making this event our biggest fundraiser of the year, but to achieve, this, we require your help to volunteer on the day!All that is needed is half an hour of your time to either set up, manage a stall or clear up. We all have children and no one wants to spend their day on a stall, so we ask if you would please give us just a little of your time. There will be volunteer lists going up in a couple of weeks where you can allocate a slot that suits you best; dads are very welcome to help too


All the funds raised will be ploughed back into the Pre-School and we have a wish list of items that we would like to get for the children. In particular, we would like to create a ‘Cosy Corner’ in the Pre-School room and funds raised will help to ensure this happens soon.


If anyone needs to get in touch, please send a message to our Facebook page or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  Thank you.

30 hours funding

You may already be aware that from September, some parents will be eligible to claim 30 hours free childcare (currently 15 hours). Potten End Pre-School will be offering the full 30 hours, and will be opening on a Friday afternoon. The Government will be sending out information to all parents on the scheme and how to apply for the funding in the next few weeks. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to come in tp Pre-School and speak to Lisa.


We would like to take the opportunity in this newsletter to issue a few useful administrative reminders, as follows: 

Parent helpers

If you can come in and help for a morning or afternoon, please sign up on the new rota. It is a wonderful way of seeing for yourself what your child gets up to at Pre-School. The children and staff make you feel very welcome and it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience I cannot recommend it enough.

Children’s Illness

Please do not send your children to school if they are unwell as they will not be able to cope with the activities planned for the session. Can I also remind you that if your child has an upset stomach then they need to say at home for 48 hours before returning to Pre-School. If your child is taken ill at Pre-School please collect them as soon as possible.

Children’s Trays

Please remember to check your child’s tray at the beginning of each session.  


The Pre-School is required to have in place a number of policies and procedures which set out how the setting is run and what procedures must be followed in certain situations. These policies are regularly reviewed, with existing policies being amended and new ones added. The current version of the policies can be found at

We strongly encourage parents to read the policies (it is quite informative and sometimes a bit of an eye-opener!) and, if you have any questions about them, to contact Lisa or another member of the Pre-School team

Extra/Change of Sessions

May we remind parents that any requests for session changes i.e. extra places, swapping or reducing sessions must be made, in writing or email direct to Lisa Scales and that four weeks written notice is also required for any changes or reductions in sessions made after your request has been confirmed (further details can be found in the Welcome Book). 

Childcare Voucher Schemes

We accept payment from companies offering child care voucher schemes e.g. Computershare, Care 4 Plus etc.  If you are a member of one of these schemes (often via your employer) and wish to pay your fees by this method, please contact your particular provider first and then contact Julie for more information. Please note we do not take vouchers as actual payment, but you will be required to set up the payments with your provider which are then paid by them to our bank account via the BACS system. 


Please can I offer a friendly reminder not to park in School Gardens, Church Road or The Front. There is parking on Vicarage Road and the parking bays on the green. The village hall has also kindly allowed our parents to use the village hall car park at 3pm, but only for very short periods of time as the village hall is in constant use

Weekly Fruit & Veg Donations

We would be grateful for weekly donations of unprepared fruit or even vegetables such as cucumber, peppers or carrots for the children's snack times. Thank you for your help.

Easy fundraising

Potten End Pre-School Association is a registered charity and we can all help the Pre-School to raise money whenever we shop online without costing us a penny extra.  It's very simple - if you register at, you can then shop with over 2000 well known retailers like Amazon, Argos, M&S, eBay, John Lewis, Tesco and many more.  Whenever you buy something, the retailer makes a donation to Potten End Pre-School Association, and you can even save money with special offers and voucher codes.  They've helped other causes raise over £2,000,000 so it really does work.  Why not register now?

Match Funding and Sponsorship

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about the Match Funding scheme and how a little bit of your time could raise double the funds for the Pre-School. 

If you work for an organisation that has a match funding policy, any money you raise could be matched by your employer. Companies may match the fundraising total for an event, or for the stall that their employee is working on. Usually, the employee will need to supply them with a letter from the Pre-School detailing the date and nature of the event, together with the total raised.

We understand that the high street banks, building societies, supermarkets and large corporations are likely to do match funding, but these schemes are not exclusive to the major corporate giants. If you work for an independent company, they may be interested in charitable giving through match funding too.

We would be grateful if you could see if your employer has a match funding scheme, or if they are willing to match fund any of our events. If you can’t help out this time, but you know the company you work for has a match funding policy, please let us know. This could be a really large source of income for the Pre-School and help us raise even more money.

If you are able to help us this way, please let myself or Lisa know and we can discuss your company’s requirements.


Wishing you a wonderful summer term.


Kind regards,


Julia Paton

Chair, Potten End Pre-School Management Committee


The June Farmery Building, Water End Road, Potten End, Berkhamsted, Herts. HP4 2QW

Tel: 01442 877489 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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