"I just wanted to say thank you and to tell you all what a wonderful place you make Potten End Pre-School. Such a warm and friendly place to be, fun and exciting for all the little people. A loving and kind environment for Albert to grow and learn to be himself. However tricky that can be sometimes. I feel totally relaxed and at ease leaving Albert with you. I can't tell you what good you have done both of us and feel so sad that he is leaving. He has grown and learnt so much in his short time with you and i know he will take his lessons with him to his new school. Please realise that you create a special place and that means so much to the children and parents. Thank you again." Natalie Dunn

"Thank you so much for the wonderful care and guidance you have given Zachary. He has had an amazing year at Pre-School." Meg and Jon Cripps

"A big thank you for having Mollie at your Pre-School! It's a lovely place for little one's to start their school life and it's down to you all! Thank you for all that you have done for Mollie she's had a truly lovely time." Louise

"Thank you all for being so wonderful and lovely. Leo loves going school and has had a brilliant year thank to you amazing ladies" The Marrins

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for the children. The joy they are today is in part due to the secure, loving, learning environment you created for them.” Niki Swan

"A huge thankyou for all your care and attention towards Archie... the changes in him have been amazing and he's made real progess thanks to you guys..." Fiona Wilson

“This is a really amazing school with the most caring teachers.” Christina McCool

“The best Pre-school by Miles!” Elle Masters

“I live opposite this school and there is nothing finer than hearing the sound of laughter and learning coming from this pre-school.” Sarah Lowther

“A really nurturing pre-school which strives to help so many local families.” Lucy Tannett

“An amazing pre-school, staff are all brilliant and so nurturing. We will always be grateful for providing such a wonderful start to our children’s education!” Annette Travis

“Wonderful resource for SO many parents & children!” Emma Harris

“An amazing, supporting and nurturing school, we owe all involved in the school a debt of gratitude for seeing our 3 through their early years.  Thank-you.” Duncan Brigginshaw

“A fantastic Pre-School with amazing dedicated staff... it gave both my daughters the base start to their education journey...” Richard Gann


Joanna Miller - The Miracle of Potten End Pre-School (www.bespokeverse.com) 

Let my story now unfold,

Of how I had my child enrolled

At pre-school here in Potten End,

And how I worried – should I send

My little scamp to test their wits,

A two-year old who never sits.


I briefed the staff as best I could,

As every honest mother would:

‘I’m not convinced that he will do

Exactly what you want him to.

The rascal has developed powers

To rant and rave for hours and hours.

And when I place him on a chair,

I’ll turn around, he isn’t there!

He’s wondered off, gone for a potter,

Ignores me calling, little rotter.’


I wondered would they bawl and shout

And throw my little monster out?

But never fear, I didn’t send

The lad off to a sticky end.

Pre-School calmed my little chappy,

The ending of this tale is happy.


It didn’t happen overnight;

He put up quite a splendid fight.

It took some time for him to see

The meaning of ‘a boundary’.

Many times he stamped and cried

When he had to go inside.

At lunch he got into a mood

Craving someone else’s food.

If cross, upon the floor he’d lie

And wail while the world went by.

If a toy brought lots of pleasure,

He’d try to keep it as his treasure.

The word went out to all the staff,

(Who, thankfully, enjoy a laugh):

‘Check the pockets of that kid

Cos everyday he has a bid

To take our shiny magnets home

As if on an extended loan.’


But miracles can come about,

It made this mother want to shout:

‘This pre-school I will always praise

The super staff deserve a raise!’

I was astounded –yes! -to hear

My boy recite months of the year.

He also likes to tell me why

An egg becomes a butterfly.

I never thought that he would sing

To children sitting in a ring

At circle time – he’s learning lots

As much as other tiny tots.

Now I’m very often told

My lad has been as good as gold.


One thing I thought he’d never do

Is take himself off to the loo,

Find his name and then to zoom

Off into the story room.

I never thought that he was able

To ever sit still at a table.

Would he learn to share the toys,

And play along with other boys?

Yet four terms later ‘Quelle Surprise’

He’s doing all these things with ease.


He loves the bikes, he loves the trains,

The boats and cars and aeroplanes.

Chalking outlines on the ground,

Chasing friends around and round,

Making cakes and bread to eat,

Doing prints of hands and feet,

Measuring how fast we grow,

Playing out in sun or snow,

Lovely pictures on the wall,

PE in the big school hall,

Christmas parties, summer fairs,

Manning stalls and selling wares,

Putting sweets and metal cars

Into decorated jars,

Digging mud and finding bugs,

Lots of care and lots of hugs.

All the things he loves to do;

Always fun and always new. 


He bounces in when clock strikes nine,

Excited, he can’t wait in line.

Pre-school is his little Mecca,

He wants to show his toys to 'Becca.

Straight on in to look for Kay

To ask ‘What will I learn today?’

Turn to Kate to have a chatter

On the smallest little matter.

See if Jane has any views

On his latest piece of news.

Dash to ask ‘The Other Jane’:

‘Am I having lunch again?’

Say hello to ‘Office Julie’

(Signing letters from ‘yours truly’.)

It goes to show the hours they’ve spent

To make my little man content.


So if your child will soon be starting,

You fear the moment of the parting,

I promise you won’t need a tissue,

I doubt your child will even miss you!

No need to worry, fret or fear

They’re good at taming monsters here.

The only reason I am grieving

Is that my little boy is leaving.


Member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance ~ Registered Charity Number: 1164830 (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) ~ Ofsted Registration Number: EY500714