Fees from September 2015 are £13.50 per session (based on 3 hours from either 09:00 - 12:00 or 12:00 - 15:00).

An additional fee of £3 applies if your child attends lunch club (with their own packed lunch) from 12-12:30 on Fridays.  


Fees are payable in advance for each term and due within 2 weeks from the date invoiced. You will be invoiced in full at the beginning of the new term or shortly after your child’s start date if they start mid-term. Cheques should be made payable to Potten End Pre-school and payment should be placed in a sealed envelope with the named receipt slip in the lockable black fees box in the inside entrance/cloakroom area.

We also accept payment by cash, BACS (directly into our bank account) and via Child Care Voucher Schemes. Please speak to our administrator for further information.


We are registered with Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) for funded places for three and four year olds. Children qualify for this funding from the term AFTER their third birthday subject to HCC eligible dates of birth. For families who meet specific criteria/eligibility outlined by HCC including those on low incomes, we are also registered for two year old funding (please be aware you will need to be referred to us by your GP or other Health Professional and provide copies of the paperwork which support your referral). Please speak to our Administrator in confidence for further information about this scheme. Please be aware that the current Funding entitlement schemes are a Government run initiative and subject to change at their discretion. Should the current or any future Government decide at any time to change or withdraw their funding policies, you will be notified at the earliest opportunity and our normal session charges will apply.


To assist employees with the cost of childcare, some employers offer Government-approved tax-efficient schemes in the form of childcare vouchers.  Parents/guardians are advised to contact their employer’s Payroll or HR Department to find out if an authorised salary sacrifice scheme is in place and to establish their entitlement.

 Please note that taking childcare vouchers may affect entitlement to tax credits.  Further information is available from the HMRC website http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/calcs/ccin.htm

 We accept payment from companies offering child care voucher schemes such as Computershare, Care 4 Plus and Edenred.   If you are member of one of these schemes (through your employer) and wish to pay your fees using this method, please contact your provider first and then discuss with the Pre-School Administrator for more information. Please note we do not take paper vouchers as actual payment.  You will be required to set up the payments with your provider which are then paid by them direct into our bank account via BACS.



Member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance ~ Registered Charity Number: 1164830 (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) ~ Ofsted Registration Number: EY500714